What if you never received an email?

I’ve heard comments that the original grant was funded almost immediately, and this time they’re saying 21 days out. I think this is reasonable considering they have to verify eligibility. That can be time consuming.

The rest of the email gets into some important things you need to know about having the right banking information. I’ll add some more screenshots of that information below.

This is taking some time to roll out. I first started hearing of people getting their invitation about a week ago. I think they’re doing this in waves to make sure they get it working correctly.

If you received the initial grant and haven’t received an invitation email, double check that the email you used for the initial application is good. Check your spam filters or promotional folders or anything like that.

The thing to watch for is when the SBA begins moving on to second priority applicants. That would indicate they’ve moved through everyone who originally received the grant. I’ll try to stay on top of events and will update this section if I hear that has happened.

If you feel you should have received an invitation and do not get one by March or so, you may want to contact the SBA. You can contact them at or by phone at 800-659-2955. As I loan in Texas mentioned at the start of this section, the first thing is wait. It’s going to take some time. If you reach out now (mid February) you may not get a response yet.

What if you never received a grant the first time?

If you applied before but did not receive the advance due to funds being out, you are next in line. The same answer holds for you: wait.

The SBA is first moving through everyone that did receive the advance. Once they’ve covered all of those, they’ll move on to you.

If you did not apply for the EIDL program at all, it does not appear there will be anything in this round that you qualify for. They do not seem to be opening up new applications.

Things to do before you apply

If there’s one thing we learned from the original release of the EIDL and PPP programs, it’s to act quicly.

If you receive the invitation email, do not waste time responding. They make a point to say that funds are limited.

My recommendation is to make sure you have your information ready ahead of time. In particular you want to make sure you have your financial information together and make sure you have all the information for your bank account (and the right kind of bank account).

The thing is, you want to get it right. A lot of people who applied for funding under the Paycheck Protection Program and the EIDL did not receive funding for one reason: They were sloppy with their application. They put the wrong information down about their business or about their bank account.

I read more people comment in forums about problems with their bank info when they applied the first time around. By the time they had everything straightened out, funds were gone.

Get your stuff together. Get it right. Treat this like a business application, not some quick easy survey you’re getting money for. Do it right and you greatly increase your chances.

1. Know what you made monthly.

Interestingly, the burb from the email above states that you want to have your 2019 tax return handy. When I ran through the application, there wasn’t anything that required info from my tax return.

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